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Art Assignment for 3/30/2020 - 4/10/2020

4 days ago

Draw a Thank you poster/sign

Make a decorative sign thanking someone who is helping you during our stay-at-home time. Think about health care workers, delivery drivers, law enforcement, grocery and fast food employees, neighbors, relatives… anyone who is helping you or your family during this time. Post your note in a place where they can see it when they come by. Think outside the box and let them know in a cool, fun, social distancing appropriate way that you are grateful for their service and help. Post a photo of your sign to our Remind message board or to Instagram using any of the hashtags #DISintr, #DISart, #MrsStevensArt, or #MrsStevensArtclass. 🎨😘


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

By Elizabeth Stevens

  • #inktober52 has partnered with #spectrumnoir for week 14’s prompt “GREEN” 🍀🐊🦎🐸👒🧚🏼🧝🏻‍♂️🧑🏼‍🎤🤢🍏
  • #inktober52 prompt for this week is JOY. Have fun & don’t forget to use those hashtags to share with our class! #DISart #mrsstevensart #mrsstevensartclass
  • Another coloring book page, along with a colored version as a possible cover!
  • #inktober52 drawing prompts for my friends and students. Be sure to use the hashtags #DISart #MrsStevensArt #MrsStevensArtclass in addition to the #inktober hashtags so we can see your post!
  • Coloring book page. The western tailed-blue butterfly (Cupido amyntula) is a member of the family Lycaenidae and is seen across western North America as far north as Alaska. The upperside of the male butterfly is blue while the female has a darker brow...
  • First batch of homemade #ghee #keto
  • Ok so here’s the mood board & mind map for the coloring book project. It’s high desert nature themed. Suggestions for a title are appreciated - winner will get a free copy of the book when it’s published! #DISart #MrsStevensart #MrsStevensArtclass
  • Process... working on a coloring book so here’s the mood board, mind map & thumbnails. #coloringbook #DISart #MrsStevensArtclass #MrsStevensart
  • NM Sunsets = gorgeous
  • Last project of the semester was architectural letters. My students’ creativity (& humor) on display made me lol!
  • Days 3-13 #inktober #inktober2017

Class projects

12 days ago

Pop art poster project

Feb 2020 - Mar 2020

In class we learned about Pop Art and artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Claes Oldenburg. Students then chose one of these artists’ style to emulate and made a pop art poster in that style.

Drawing portraits

Week of Jan 27th - Feb 7th, 2020

Students have been learning how to draw the head from any angle using the Loomis Method.  They've also been practicing drawing features such as nose, eyes, mouth and ears.  This week they'll be using photo reference to draw a portrait using pencil and shading, incorporating all the elements they've learned so far.

Elements of Art - Shading & Value

Week of 9/18/2017

Still Life drawing

making objects look three dimensional using value and shading

For the next week students will be drawing in class using a still life.  They will be strengthening their powers of observation and their skill with pencil - sketching in a composition and then shading the objects to make them look three dimensional.

Paleolithic Art!

Last Week:  Paleolithic Art

Students learned about paleolithic cave art!  The oldest art ever found is around 70,000 years old.  Most cave art is found in caves in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Students studied what paleolithic times were like, what the artists might have experienced and what materials they used to make their art.

Then they painted their own symbol on a rock by 'firelight' and made a class mural.  The classroom was turned into a cave and students got to experience what exploring a cave and seeing cave art might have been like for those who first discovered it!  Watch the video to see what the room looked like.  Ask your student what they remember from this unit!

Images from Lascaux, France

Elements of Art & The Studio Habits

Students are learning about the Elements of Art - those building blocks that all students need to know to improve their art - Line, Shape, Form, Color, Value, Space, and Texture.

Students will learn and reinforced by using these skill throughout their time in class.  Students will also be using the art elements by employing the strategies introduced through the Principles of Design - Rhythm, Unity, Contrast, Pattern, Balance, Movement, and Emphasis.

Skills learned during class will be reinforced through the use of the Studio Habits of Mind.  The Studio Habits employ skills that are useful to all students in all curriculum areas.

Narrative Planner Cover 

This Narrative Necklace lesson plan has morphed into a Narrative Planner Mod lesson!    Students have been busy cutting and gluing photos from books and magazines that describe themselves.  They have learned how to deconstruct the planners (agenda) they were given the first week of school in order to insert their new covers.  This way they've not only personalized their planners, but have also made them more unique and beautiful.  I have seen an increase in the students' planner usage here at school - and that's a good thing!

Supply List for the Art Classroom

over 2 years ago

Required Supplies:

Pencils (2B)

Pink or White eraser

Colored Pencils

Washable Markers

Sketchbook or Composition Notebook


Optional Supplies:

Watercolor set

Drawing Pencils

Chalk Pastels

Oil Pastels

Kneaded (artist) eraser

Art Markers

Gel Pens